LYTON Carwash Systems
Manufacturer in Bay Automatic Free Standing car washTouch Free,
Soft Touch and Mini Tunnel.

Smart CHOICE Invest SMART !

Why invest a lot of money in your car wash business? Lyton System provides a high-quality equipment at low cost, using the same key of component with half price and our intention is to return your investment twice as fast. Lyton FX Stand FREE Wash system is your best choice! Lower expensive car wash bay construction cost, HIGH performance, LESS labor intensive!

It’s EASY ! It’s SIMPLE !

Tunnel systems
Combining advanced technology used in our Soft-Touch rollover systems. LOW operating costs and HIGH reliable for small space car wash business. Our ASTM304 standard stainlesssteel construction is...Detailed
Roll-over systems
You want to have durable and reliable washing system, you can get more with our Tunnel Systems, that lower your car wash bay construction cost, lead you to success.Detailed